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Model For Advanced Players Between 10 And 13 Years Old

Style: Attack | Reaction: 10.5 | Vibration: 11.4

  • The Timo Boll TJ features a short, narrow grip that you can hold firmly.
  • The compact head size makes the racket easy to swing.
  • Due to the carbon, it also offers good power.
  • Recommended for athletes aged 10 to 13 who aim for the top!


  • Style: Attack
  • Reaction: 10.5
  • Vibration: 11.4
  • Blade Size: 154x146mm
  • Blade Thickness: 5.2mm
  • Plies: 3 Wood + 2 Carbon
  • Weight: ~70g
  • FL Handle Size: 95x21mm
  • Made in Japan

Timo Boll TJ FL Blade

SKU: 1244FL
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